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Orlando, FL based Fiduciaries, Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents working exclusively with Business Owners and their employees. As Fiduciaries, we have partnered Nationally with Best in class organizations to offer our clients a level of Independent unbiased research, planning and support that can’t be matched by smaller firms.

In addition to our national partners are local partners play in equal role to the success of our clients. Local attorneys in Estate, Property, ERISA and other matters combined with the most informed forward thinking Certified Public Accountants.

Corporations Only

"We only work with businesses lines of Insurance because we continually see corporations needs not being met and therefore individual employee's not having adequate coverage. Running a corporation with employees comes with Additional considerations - Taxes, Corporate Structures, Trusts, DOL Regulations, ERISA and Qualified Plans. All benefits must be working together to create an effective and compliant compensation and benefits package."

- Donovan J Ryckis, Principal


Donovan Joseph Ryckis

Donovan Joseph Ryckis


Fiduciary + Financial Advisor

Chelsea Whalley

Chelsea Whalley


Employee Benefits Broker

Michael Kovacs

Michael Kovacs

Retirement Income, Long Term Care Consultant, Medicare

Robb Stottlemyer

Robb Stottlemyer

Advanced Life Case Design

Brian Duncan

Brian Duncan

Financial Advisor at Duncan Financial Group

Dawn Holleran

Case Manager


Our Services

As brokers we have access to the entire market. What this means is we can access every carrier, every plan, and every product available for your business. What really differentiates us from other brokers is not the product access, but the knowledge of how to fit the moving pieces of an employee benefit package together to optimize savings of both administrative time and company dollars.

  • Design Packages with customizable results
  • Offer Tax Advantages to the business and employees
  • Provide Employee Benefit booklets
  • Communicate the value of the benefits all year round
  • New Hire education and enrollments
  • Efficient Open Enrollments with benefit specialists available for one on one consulting
  • Assistance to employees in claims process
  • Compliance Services
  • Section 125 Plans

Group Health Insurance – Offering all Carriers – Cigna, Aetna, United Health Care, Humana, Blue Cross and Level Funded Carriers.

Level – Funded Group Health Insurance

Level-funded also called Partially Self-Funded has been getting a lot of attention the past few years as most employers are seeing an average of a 20% reduction in premium costs.

These plans provide an attractive and innovative alternative to traditional health insurance solutions. The industries improved version at self-funding, level funded plans employers can budget for small, predictable claims-and use stop loss protection to protect their business from unpredictable catastrophic claims. This allows both the cost reduction in premiums, access to excess claims fund (if any) while adding the stop-loss on downside protection if claims are exceeded. Level-Funded can be practical and cost effective for groups with as few as 10 participating employees.

Reduced Fixed Costs – All health insurance plans have administrative costs associated with the payment of claims. A partially self-funded plan typically saves 20% on administrative costs over a traditional health insurance plan.

Improve  Cash Flow – Unlike traditional plans where you pay a premium that funds claims if and when they occur, claims under a partially self-funded plan are paid only when they occur. Rather than paying a set amount to an insurance company every month, you keep and earn interest on your money and only pay for actual claims submitted.

Customize Plan Flexibility – With a partially self-funding health plan, you have limitless options for designing the best possible plan for your business. Co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles, covered benefits, and excluded benefits can all be tailored to meet the needs of your employees with limited risk.

Claim Utilization Report –

Claim utilization reports identify claim trends specific to your group and allow you to better manage and control the costs of your benefit plan to budget effectively. limited risk.

    Annual reports to the employer IRA’s
    Signature-ready and electronic 5500 filing SEP’s
    Plan document preparation and maintenance SIMPLE Plans
    Nondiscrimination testing 457’s
    Loans, hardships, terminations, RMDs, QDROs Defined Benefits Palns
    Defined Contribution Palns, including 401 (k) s

On-Site Qualified Plan, Case Design and Vendor Selection

Our staff of dedicated professionals specializes in providing retirement plan products, support services and consulting to organizations across the nation. The plan sponsor and advisor can choose from a platform of plan investment and/or plan administration services and select the ones that best meet their needs.

Instead of re-creating the wheel, use our resources for:

  • Plan cost benchmarking
  • Investment policy statements
  • Scorecard® investment evaluation
  • Fiduciary reviews

Why Hire Us as a Retirement Plan Advisor?

  • Independence
    Ability to help evaluate funds and providers objectively, without a conflict of interest.
  • Familiarity with ERISA
    Ability to keep the employer updated on litigation, legislation and regulations impacting plans and fiduciaries.
  • Prudent expert
    ERISA section 404(a) requires fiduciaries to act with the skill, knowledge and expertise of a prudent expert.
  • Expertise in plan design
    Ability to help plans maintain qualified status while continuing to meet the goals and objectives of the plan.
  • Knowledge of the provider marketplace
    Ability to ensure that our plan is being administered in the most efficient manner and for a reasonable price.
  • Qualified plan investment expertise
    Ability to evaluate, select and monitor fund performance.
  • Documentation skills
    Ability to demonstrate procedural prudence in a well-documented manner.
  • Communication skills
    Ability to educate employees regarding plan highlights, and how to create an appropriate investment strategy.
  • Acceptance of role as a co-fiduciary
    Willingness to acknowledge in writing that we are a co-fiduciary to the plan with respect to the investment advice being
  • Full and open disclosure
    Fully and openly discloses all sources of fees being received on a direct and/or indirect basis.

By partnering with Local attorney’s and CPA’s we make sure to consider and collaborate to develop a comprehensive tax, legal and Investment strategy.

401(k) / New Comparability Profit Share

Implementing and Amending corporate 401(k)’s. Often combining plans with Private Pensions for additional tax deferral.

Defined Benefit Plans

Private Pensions or Defined benefit plans allow business owners Personal tax deferral beyond what they could achieve by other methods- often $250k or more of annual tax deferral. Pensions are usually designed with the owner’s personal tax in mind while all allowing for some employee benefits.

Executive Deferred Compensation

Proper Insurance Planning can allow Executives and Owners Tax Deferred Compensation with Index Universal Life.  Further planning like Premium Financing, Split Dollar Agreements can accelerate wealth accumulation.


With our relationships with LifeMark and Duncan Advisor Group, we have access to Best-in-Class insurance carriers. With a full research team and advanced case design clients can be assured they’re receiving the highest and best use of their Insurance premiums. For employees we offer all state group health insurance plan to be sure you have the lowest premium. This includes Level Funded options you likely haven’t seen!

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