Donovan Joseph Ryckis

Donovan Joseph Ryckis

Employee Benefits Consultant, CEO & Partner

An insurance agent and previous Serious 65 FINRA Securities Advisor and Investment Advisor Representative for RedHawk Wealth Advisors Registered Investment Advisory.   Donovan came into the Employee Benefits Marketplace after having a Wealth Advisory client ask for help with his Employee’s Health Insurance renewal.

“The client had 60 employees and was being represented by a Large top 10 National Employee Benefits Brokerage.   The business owner explained to me that they had just been given a 30% renewal and told there was better options.   At the time, knowing almost nothing I committed to taking on the case.

Well it worked and we came 12% under their pre-renewal price or 42% under their “only option” renewal.  While learning about the Employee Benefits market through that first case I discovered Insurance markets move fast-and can be just as complicated as securities.   In addition, there was a complete lack of transparency and understanding to both the employees and employer. “

Health Insurance is the largest expense for a family next to their mortgage and it’s typically the second largest expense for businesses.   The lack of communication, understanding and sound financial planning in benefits created the change of J Donovan Financial from Wealth Planning to Insurance planning in the Employee Benefits market.